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Finished my second module!

2017-02-06 18:54:45 by LiamJMWilson

Well I've finished my visual language module at University now. This project was based all around the pre-production side of animation.

We did a task where we had to create a range of images based on just 1 word and then refine that into a story. Then we did environment drawings, followed up by a character design task. You can check this all out on my website at

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2016: What a year!

2016-12-31 09:55:22 by LiamJMWilson

Well... this year has been a tough one, but it's gone by so fast, there are a few positive things that came out of it though. It's strange to think how much has changed in this last year.

I finished my A-Levels and created my biggest projects yet which I am immensely proud of. I finally started working on the novel that I have been thinking about doing for so many years. And I just started uni.

The year ahead is very uncertain and quite scary to be honest, but I am excited to see how it will unfold and what I will create throughout.

Happy New Year Everyone! Let's hope it's a good 'un!

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I do T-Shirts!

2016-12-29 09:53:16 by LiamJMWilson

The designs that I originally made for greetings cards are now on T-Shirts. I do also intend to make many more of these kinda designs and keep building my library of shirt designs. 

Go check 'em out!

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First Uni Module Finished!

2016-12-28 11:11:34 by LiamJMWilson

This is a bit delayed. I have been having a nice relaxing christmas just doing my own things, which has been making me happier to be honest. But now I realised I have to go back to uni in just over a week so I kinda need to get my stuff sorted.

I'm currently working on my pre-production module which involves creating a character, backgrounds, storyboards and all that kinda stuff. So while I get on with that, here is the last module. It was an actual animation module which was great!

Blondie :D

I am currently creating a short animation for a character in a project I have planned for the far far future. I did another animation test for one of the other characters of this story a few years ago. You can see that here:

This next test is of a character called Alan. He is a rebel soldier in a distopian future. He uses two pistols and a laser bow. This bow is a futuristic weapon. It doesn't require arrows, it simply creates them as the bowstring is pulled back. All will make sense in the animation. I'm hoping to get it done by about next week or the week after as that is when I start university.

Stay tuned, should be a cool few seconds of your life.

Blondie :D

Pause Concept

2016-08-17 20:07:31 by LiamJMWilson

An update on the book; I am finishing up on planning it all out ready to actually start writing. I want to make sure I have it as planned out as possible to make sure this is the best novel I can make it. It means a lot to me and so I really want this to be some of my best work.

The premise of the story is a teenage schoolboy gets struck by lightning and develops powers to pause time. He can pause everything around him while he is still free to move. If you ever saw Bernard's Watch on CITV as a kid then it's kinda the same idea. 

Character development and character driven story is something that I always love to experience so I am making that one of my primary focuses in this story. I want these characters to be really great. I want them to have good arcs from start to finish. I want them to be able to convey the excitement and emotion that I want this story to make the reader feel. 

It won't be finished for quite some time because I want it to be the best story I can craft. In the meantime, you can follow my other new work here on Newgrounds or on my facebook page or take a look at older work on my website


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I'm writing a book!

2016-08-11 08:17:18 by LiamJMWilson

I have wanted to write a book since I was about 9 - 10 and now I've been working on this for 2 years now. It will be a sci-fi adventure. I have written the characters profiles and am in the process of writing the detailed plan of chapters. From there I can actually write the novel. I am also going to be painting the cover art soon.

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Perception is here!!

2016-07-15 11:38:45 by LiamJMWilson

Finally! 6 months later, and at least a good 200+ hours work. I've finally finished my music video, Perception. You can see it here on my page on newgrounds and if you want to see the behind the scenes video and VFX breakdown then go to

I'm so excited to finally have this out and I really hope you like it, please leave me some feedback and share it with your friends!

Blondie :D

Well, this is exciting!! Next Friday, I will be releasing my music video. This is a project I have been working on for so long and I can't wait for people to see it. I really hope you'll like it. 15/7/17.



Graphics - Doodle

2016-05-26 20:13:55 by LiamJMWilson

Now that my A-Level Art is finished, my focus is back onto Graphics. I've got a few weeks to finish developing and designing a character for a new stationery store branding. I've been looking into a few very different styles of characters and cartoons. At the moment, I am looking at The Fairly OddParent style and I'm really liking it. You can see a few of these responses that I have now posted to the website.
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