Little animation test incoming!

2016-09-10 17:18:46 by LiamJMWilson

I am currently creating a short animation for a character in a project I have planned for the far far future. I did another animation test for one of the other characters of this story a few years ago. You can see that here:

This next test is of a character called Alan. He is a rebel soldier in a distopian future. He uses two pistols and a laser bow. This bow is a futuristic weapon. It doesn't require arrows, it simply creates them as the bowstring is pulled back. All will make sense in the animation. I'm hoping to get it done by about next week or the week after as that is when I start university.

Stay tuned, should be a cool few seconds of your life.

Blondie :D


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2016-09-10 20:08:48

Is this an action series?

LiamJMWilson responds:

Yes, it will be a group of rebels. I'm going to try to be very ambitious with fight scenes.