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What is Love? Update #1

2014-09-21 17:59:57 by LiamJMWilson

Just finished drawing the sketch anamatic for the animation. I've been quite busy with sixth form so I haven't had much time to work on this so far, but I am aiming to get it out in the next 7 weeks. Gonna start designing the characters tomorrow (Technically only one character...) Please follow me here on Newgrounds for more updates and clues on this "What Is Love?" project.

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What Is Love?

2014-09-14 17:08:33 by LiamJMWilson

I've started work on a new animation now. I don't want to reveal what it is just yet, so for now, the codename for it is "What is love?". That won't make any sense yet, but it will start to, more and more. This project is quite a nerdy one, because I am a sci-fi geek. I will be posting updates about this animation as I go. Follow me for more about it :D