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Nearly done...

2016-05-01 18:51:03 by LiamJMWilson

Well, after a very intense week, I have now more or less finished my art exam. I have finished all of the design stuff, as you can see with the album art here.

The video is nearly finished. Only 3 shots left to animate before it is really done. I've decided that I'm going to finish the music video to a point where it will be good enough for the exam, and then once I've finished everything else, I can come back to it in my own time to finish it to my standard. That will probably be early in the summer holidays.

This weekend is just gonna be a massive writing weekend. So lots of analysis and evaluating and time managing and all the other boring parts. Fun fun fun!!

Blondie :D

So, the last time I posted on here was about The Tooniverse... I feel like I've unfortunatly be neglecting this page, not on purpose or for any reason, I simply haven't been doing much on here. I want to do something about that. I love this site and the community on here and I really want to use it much more to be able to meet more people in my field. I usually post updates on what I'm doing on my facebook page which is quite consistent and my twitter is updated from Facebook because... f*** twitter... ;) Most of the updates are linking to my website, which is where I do most of my stuff now, but I try to link to it and I will now try to do that on here as well. I am going to post updates about what I'm doing just like I do on other platforms. 

So.. what's happening with me. Well, The Tooniverse unfortunately never finished filming because of the weather and peoples busy schedules. Since then I've mainly been just doing school work. I am about to graduate from Sixth Form with A-Level Art and BTEC Graphics. My current main project is my art exam which is to make a music video. If you want to catch up on the making of that then click here. Once I graduate, there are a few little projects I have planned for the summer including a novel that I have been planning for over a year now but simply haven't had the time to write. 

But yeah.. that's the jyst of it. I'm gonna keep working on my music video now. 

Blondie :D

The Tooniverse Anouncement

2015-07-01 14:49:40 by LiamJMWilson

'ello 'ello, Blondie 'ere. So, cutting straight to it, I will be making a short film with some friends of mine. This will be a short live action film titled 'The Tooniverse'. It will be a comedic sci-fi drama and will involve animated characters interacting with the live action characters. I have just finalized the script and we are ready to go. We will be filming in a few weeks time and I will be sure to post some more frequent and detailed updates and behind the scenes features on my facebook page as we go.

Blondie :D

Sooooooo busy... :/

2015-05-19 13:46:32 by LiamJMWilson

'ello 'ello, Blondie 'ere. Not been able to do much animating at all for quite a long time now. I am very busy with all my school work that I don't get enough free time to consistently work on an animation. Rest assured I have lots of plans for the near future. Specifically in the summer holidays, I plan to make a short film with some friends that involves some animated characters. Stay tuned, and I will try to update more when stuff actually starts moving.

Blondie :D

Future Projects

2014-12-07 07:52:49 by LiamJMWilson

'ello 'ello 'ello, Blondie 'ere.
I have just started working on a few new animations. Although I am very busy with Sixth Form work, I still aim to get these out within the next 3 months, but it may be slightly longer, depending on how much free time I get. One is a very short skit, that two of my friends thought of while drunk, and shouldn't really take that long to make. And the other is another Doctor Who based one, this time it will be an extended 11th Doctor Regeneration/Deep Breath prequel which will show the 12th Doctor's first moments in between 'The Time of The Doctor' and 'Deep Breath'. This one may take much longer to make as I am wanting to be quite ambitious and use a lot of frame by frame shots and different camera angles. I am looking forward to sharing these new animations with you. For more regular updates about progress and BTS, follow me here on Newgrounds. And subscribe on YouTube at
Blondie :D

I'm glad to reveal the project I have been working on now! It is actually called 'The War Doctor's Regeneration'. It entails the regeneration of the war doctor from the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, into the 9th doctor and his first few crazy minutes as the doctor again.

I will be uploading this animation this saturday, the 18th of October. Please follow me here on Newgrounds to keep up to date with more animations.

What is Love? Update #5

2014-10-04 15:06:40 by LiamJMWilson

I'm just about to start the inbetweens drawing. Easily the hardest bit.

After that I can finish up some of the other effects and tweeks.

It shouldn't be long now, I am working very hard on this project, in all the free time that I get.

The character that I am animating is a British sci-fi icon. And his first on-screen words were "RUN!!"

Any ideas yet anyone? Look back at the other clues, see if you can work it out yet.

What is Love? Update #4

2014-09-30 17:04:08 by LiamJMWilson

Half-way through the full body animation now. This bit is taking longer than I anticipated but I am still making good time. It shouldn't be too long now, hopefully in the next few weeks. That is, if I can get enough time to work on it as I am very busy with Sixth Form.

Please follow to keep up to date with this project if you are interested. I will be announcing proper details soon, once I've finished the bulk of animation. But for now, for this moment... I am t̶h̶e̶ ̶D̶o̶c̶t̶o̶r̶  asleep again.

Feel free to leave comments

Blondie :D

What is Love? Update #3

2014-09-27 07:33:10 by LiamJMWilson

I've done all of the internal and external facial animation. Character rig is ready. I'm gonna start doing the full body animation soon. Should be fun.

Another clue: [8.5 > 9]

Hmm? What could that mean?

Also, has anyone got any ideas on how to smoothly morph one face into another. I've tried using shape tweens for all the different features but it just messes up. And doing frame by frame in-betweens wouldn't look that smooth.

Please follow me here on Newgrounds, I will be posting very regular updates and clues. I am really excited about releasing this project.

Blondie :D

What is Love? Update #2

2014-09-24 19:10:52 by LiamJMWilson

I've more or less finished the main character rig now. I've just got to draw all the mouth shapes then I can start the lip syncing. This animation is quite dialogue heavy, dispite only really having one character. Follow me if you're interested in the project and for updates and clues. :D